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A little about some of the cities, Copán, La Ceiba, Trujillo, and the Capitol, Tegucigalpa..
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Most visitors to Copán arrive at the San Pedro Sula airport and then need to drive or take a bus to the ruins of the Mayan city of Copán. The distance is close to 125 miles and you'll need at least three hours. The road is paved all the way except for a small area near Copán that needs to be resurfaced due to past winter rains. Plan to drive during the day and enjoy the wonderful Honduran scenery.

Rental cars are available at the airport and in San Pedro Sula, Toyota Rent A Car - telephone 65-2580 or fax 52-2704. Luxury bus service is available through Adventure Shuttle - telephone 57-2380 for the schedule. Cost is about $18.00 each way. Empresa Torito is also available, telephone 53-4930 for less than half that price.

Visiting the Mayan ruins is a must if you have come all the way to Honduras. It's a beautiful mystic site and one you will never forget. Try and arrive at the park early, it opens at 8 a.m. and closes at 4 p.m. The fee to enter the part is about $4.00 per person. Guides are available, some of whom do speak English. A small tip for their services is appreciated.

A new large museum is being built on the park grounds near the Mayan ruins. When it is completed it will be the foremost museum of its kind in Central America. The entry way is like a "portal", something like you would see at Copán's Temple 22. It has carvings like serpents, inside it is expected to display the findings of the Rosalila excavations. Plans are also to bring the Copán stela originals into the museum for preservation and replace them with reproductions.

In addition to the main Mayan ruins, save your entrance ticket as it is also good at the "Las Seputuras" a restored area less than one mile from the main ruins. You can walk there. And at a third area called "Los Sapos" which is believed to be a "birthing place".

If your stay permits it, visit the Village of Santa Rita and the waterfall "El Ruby". There is also the ecological reserve Peña Quemada" with its wide variety of birds, flowers and howler monkeys. During the "rainy season" even a white rapid raft trip can be arranged.

Those up to more Mayan ruins can find them three miles past La Entrada (you passed it on the way up). The site is called "La Puente" There are three plazas and extends for about a mile and has 210 structures. The site is only partially restored.

Also while you are near La Entrada, downtown is an archaeological museum, you can't miss it, if you have trouble finding it, just ask.

Hotels of Copán
The Hotel Marina Copán is a favorite. Located near Parque Central, Barrio El Central. They have completed new construction on this old landmark and also increased the rates. Rooms begin at $65 per person, meals are available at the hotel for $5. Air conditioning, cable TV, restaurant, bar, pool, gardens and garage. They have their own generator for power outages. Telephone 98-3453, 98-3070 and 98-3071, fax 98-3072 or 57 3076. Hotel Marina Copán has offices in San Pedro Sula at 6 Ave. 10 Calle, SO, #1.

Hotel Hacienda el Jaral, Copán's Mountain Resort, has rustic cabañas, restaurant, swimming pool, horse back riding, paddle boats and much more. Located seven miles from the Copán ruins. It is on a farm established in 1870. Guests can also pick their own tropical fruits. Credit cards are accepted: American Express, Visa and MasterCard. They have a colorful brochure for the asking. Rates are single - $45, double $50, Suite (5 persons) $130 and family rooms are also available. Address Hacienda El Jaral, P.O. Box 1006, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, Central America. Their telephone is 53-2070, 53-0072 or fax 57-5489.

Hotel Posada Real de Copán has 80 air conditioned rooms, restaurant, two bars, meeting and convention facilities. As well as pool, jacuzzi, gift shop, gym, travel agency, child care, cable TV and recreation room. It is being run by the Biltmore Hotel chain. Rooms run $80 per night for a double. Telephone 98-3480 or fax 98-3499. Reservations can be made though Best Western at 1-800-528-1234 or your travel agent.

Hotel Los Jaquares, located near Parque Central has ten rooms, air conditioning, TV, hot water and parking. $36 night, telephone 98-3451 or 98-3075.

Hotel Madrugada, owned by Maya Tropic Tours, twin room for $40. The rooms are colonial style. There are ten rooms with 6 more in construction. Located one block from Casa Grande Restaurant.

Casa de Café, owned by a U.S./Honduran couple, is a bed and breakfast inn located 4-1/2 blocks west of Parque Central and 3 blocks west of the Restaurant Llama del Bosque and Tunkel. Eight rooms, five with private bath and hot water. Breakfast served in a garden patio and coffee served all day long. Rooms are $25 to $40 per night. The owners, Angela and Howard Rosenzweig, are very knowledgeable about travel information. Contact their SPS office at P.O. Box 3753, San Pedro Sula, Honduras, telephone 52-7274 or fax 52-0523. Recommended.

Hotel Los Gemelas, a great budget hotel. The owner Doña Mafalda is a kind and friendly woman. You would enjoy your stay there as well as economy. Rooms run about $15 night. Considered one of the best economy hotels in the country.

Besides these, others are located here: Hotel Paty, $15 night, telephone 98-3021 and Hotelito Brisas de Copán, $20 night, 19 rooms all with private bath and hot water. Both hotels are clean, quiet and safe.

Hotel Posada, located in front of the Hotel Marina, 23 rooms, shared bath, good value at under $5 a night.

Restaurants of Copán
La Llama del Bosque an open air restaurant full of plants and natural greenery, a block and a half from the downtown museum. Dinners run from $3 to $4, with breakfast around $1.50. The food is very basic. Popular, often crowded, long waits are common.

Tunkul, a restaurant specializing in beef or chicken burittos, is just down from the museum in the center of town. They are open for both lunch and dinner. Good service, good food and nice ambience.

Restaurante Los Gauchos serving Uruguayan cuisine, grilled meats, paella, filet minion, cerviche and sea food. Complete dinners run about $12 per person. Los Gauchos is located two blocks from the Central Park of Copán. A little pricey, but worth it for meat lovers.

Comedor Chuspi Pollo is where the natives eat out. It's located in front of the Hotel La Siesta near the police station. Ugly decor and no sign in front, open only in the evening, offers fried chicken. Great local atmosphere, if you want to eat with the locals, this is the place. One dollar buys a complete meal.

Casa Grande located in a remodeled house, outdoor garden for dinning. Buffet style, typical Honduran cuisine, but special plates can be made to order with advance notice. About $4 per person.

La Ceiba...

La Ceiba is considered the "song and dance" capital of Honduras. It is called this because of their festivals and the peoples desire to have a good time. Some say it is the "city with a smile". It has a strong Caribbean connection with its relationship to the Bay Islands. It is a fun city, many good restaurants, dance halls, beaches, fishing and boating. It is the third largest city in Honduras and well known for its beaches, seafood and night life.

This is the country's busiest port for banana and pineapple export. A short trip out of town will take you to the large pineapple plantations.

There is an airport at La Ceiba with connections from San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa as well as the Bay Islands. Isleña and Lacsa are two of the airlines presently offering this service. A ferry service to the Bay Islands is also available.

La Ceiba is an excellent location to visit some of the best in Honduras. Drive west to Tela and there is the Lancetilla Botanical Park, a day visit can be made to Punta Sal National Park. You will need to take a boat ride to see this primitive nature refuge. Monkeys, birds, places where pirates waited for their prey, gorgeous bays all make for an unforgettable visit.

Cuero y Salado National Park is located about 25 miles from La Ceiba. There you will find a wildlife refuge habitated by toucans, parrots, crocodiles, monkeys and lush vegetation of water lilies, royal palm, sapota trees and guamo trees. It's main attraction is the system of canals and estuaries that cris-cross the area.

Pico Bonito National Park is by the southern part of La Ceiba, it covers 680 square kilometers and an elevation of 2,435 meters above sea level. This protected area has a number of endangered species. Quetzal, tapir, jaguar, puma and red deer can be found. A visit during the rainy season will show you waterfalls and the forest at its best. Hiking ability is recommended for this visit. White water rafting is also available.

Hotels of La Ceiba
Hotel La Quinta, highway La Ceiba-Tela, located just about at the entrance to La Ceiba in front of the golf course. The best in town. Excellent rooms, TV, hot water, laundry, restaurant, bar, large pool. Excellent hotel staff. Cost about $35 night Reservations recommended, telephone 43-0223-5, or 43-0243 fax 43-0226. Their restaurant "Maxim's" has excellent cuisine, food presentation and moderately priced. The local office of Maya Rent A Car is located here. Has a mini-casino with bingo and slot machines. The hotel is recommended.

Hotel El Colonia, Ave. 14 de Julio, between 6 y 7 Calles. Telephone 43 1953, fax 43-1955. Double runs $30 night Restaurant and parking facilities available. TV, air conditioned. Excellent hotel, located right downtown in an older building. Love their restaurant.

Hotel Paris, located across from Parque Central, downtown. Restaurant, bar, pool, hot water, and laundry. In the lobby are the local office for Molinari Rent A Car, Transmundo Travel Agency, the American Express representative, and several tour groups. Room cost about $25 night Telephone 42-2391 or 43-2371 or fax 43-2391.

Gran Hotel Ceiba, drive downtown, continue toward the beach and you'll find it on the left side about 3 blocks from the beach. Avenida San Ysidro and 5 Calle E. Tall building, once a fine hotel, now shows its age. Restaurant, bar, laundry, and hot water. Rooms are about $20 night Telephone 43-2737, 43-2747 or fax 43-2737 (phone/fax).

Hotel Iberia, located right next to the Hotel Ceiba, Avenida San Ysidro, clean simple rooms, hotel is patio type with open area in the center. Restaurant, air conditioned and hot water. Cost runs about $20 night This is a favorite of Bay Islanders. Parking is available. Telephone 42-0401.

Restaurants of La Ceiba
Maxim's, located in the Hotel Quinta, pleasant atmosphere, great food presentation, dinners run about $8. One of La Ceiba's best.

Ricardo's, Avenida 14 de Julio, corner of 10th Street right downtown. One of the best in Honduras. Excellent seafood, beef and pasta. Dinners run about $8. Telephone 42-0468.

Golden Palace, on the main highway as you enter La Ceiba, about a mile west of the La Quinta. Modern, tastefully decorated. Chinese and international cuisine. $8 to $10 per person. Recommended. Telephone 43-0243.

Partenon, located right off the beach, Barrio La Isla, 12 Calle, a personal favorite of mine. Dinners run about $7. I think of this as a Chinese restaurant, but that's not quite true. The food is good, Honduran style. Telephone 42-0404.

La Carreta, located a few blocks from the beach, 4a Calle, Barrio Potreritos, excellent beef dishes, cost about $6. Outdoor, picnic type tables. Telephone 43-0111.

Cobel located in the center of town, 7a Calle #129, between Avenida Atlantida and 14 de Julio. Cafeteria, typically decorated.

The Expatriates' Bar & Grill, a lot of Standard Fruit people hang out there (American), as well as locals. Take San Isidro south from Parque Central and go east (a left) on 12th Calle. It is on the corner where 12th dead ends at a street which borders Col. Naranjal, a nice residential area. It is upstairs and open with a huge thatch roof. The owner, Mark, serves up great hamburgers, ribs, and excellent nachos. Reasonably priced and great atmosphere--known to play Jimmy Buffett music a lot.


Trujillo is one of the most beautiful cites of Honduras. It is nestled on a hill above Trujillo Bay, here you will find beaches, museums, an old fort, Garifuna culture, to name a few things of interest. Christopher Columbus landed close to here in 1502 and the town was founded in 1525.

Sites to see are the Santa Barbara Fort, located right downtown, museum, William Walker's grave, Lirios Lagoon near the small village of Chapagua. Belfare is a 80 meter waterfall located a short distance from town. Santa Fe is a Garifuna village only 8 miles away. Guaymoreto Lagoon is a wildlife refuge located near Trujillo. It's an area of 50 square kilometers and has a wide diversity of aquatic birds. Also to be found are caymans, turtles and fish surround the mangrove trees on the shore.

It can be reached by bus or you can drive there. At present the airplane landing tarmac is for private charter. There is no airport building or flight control. Although no regular commercial flights are presently available, it is expected service will become available.

The luxury bus service provided by Adventure Shuttle is available, for information in Trujillo call 44-4444 (Hotel Brinkley). Those who drive will find it takes about two and a half hours to drive from San Pedro Sula to La Ceiba and an additional hour and a half to Trujillo. Although the road is paved all the way, the part from Tela to La Ceiba is badly in need of construction. Travel this stretch only in daylight hours.

Hotels of Trujillo
Agua Caliente Resort, has fourteen rooms, air conditioned, restaurant, 2 thermal pools, 2 bathing springs, massage, jacuzzi, zoo, picnic area. Located 3 miles from Trujillo. A lovely place, great for relaxing, good for families. $20 to $40 double. Hot springs and massage are excellent, you don't need to be a guest to enjoy this. Telephone 44-4249 or fax 44-4247.

Hotel Villas Brinkley, drive downtown past Parque Central and head left straight up the hill. Has a great view, spacious rooms and apartments. Restaurant, bar, pool, and laundry A personal favorite for Trujillo. Cost about $20 to $30 for a room and $60 for the newly built condominiums. Built and operated by the Brinkleys from the USA Nice people! Tours available through the Brinkleys "Turtle Tours", tropical rain forest, wildlife preserve, Garifuna villages as well as boat trips. Telephone 44 4444 or fax 44-4045.

Hotel Trujillo Bay, located near the airport, watch for the sign and turn right before you enter Trujillo. Well maintained, simple rooms, $30 night, Cable TV in rooms, hot water, laundry and restaurant. Telephone 44-4732 or fax 44-4732.

Christopher Columbus Beach Resort, the newest hotel, located near the airport, boasts of 51 double rooms and 2 suites. Air conditioning, cable TV, tennis court, swimming pool as well as tours on their ten passenger boats. Restaurant, children's playground, conference rooms and marina. Double room runs $60 to $75 night. The prices seem very reasonable. Telephone 44-4395, 44-4249 or fax 44-4971.

O'Glynn Hotel has air conditioning, hot water, parking lot, laundry service, modest rates, immaculately clean, refrigerator in every room, family run, $25 night telephone 44-4592.

Restaurants of Trujillo
Restaurante Pantry - Excellent cuisine, Garifuna food available, located downtown. Specialties pizza and Garifuna fish plate. Open 7 AM to 10 PM

Restaurante Bahia Bar, located east end of the airport runway, right on the beach. English speaking hangout. Change rooms for swimming, well maintained. Telephone 44-4770.

Restaurante Grenada - One block off the main square, Mon. thru Sat. 8 AM to 10 PM, Sun. 5 PM to 10 PM Crowded, colorful and too much cigarette smoke.

The Rogues Gallery - Conquistador, beach front restaurant and cocktail bar opposite City Hall. Luisa and Jerry are the proprietors.

El Rincon de Los Amigos - Bar and restaurant located near "Rogues."


The capital of Honduras is a busy, noisy city nestled into a bowl-shaped valley nearly 1000 metres above sea level. It has a fresh and pleasant climate and the surrounding ring of mountains are covered in pine trees. The name Tegucigalpa means `silver hill' in the local dialect, and it was bestowed when the Spanish founded the city as a mining centre in 1578. Fortunately, the locals call the city Tegus for short. Tegucigalpa became the capital in 1880 and, in 1938, the nearby settlement of Comayagüela was incorporated into the city.

The focus of the city is the domed 18th-century cathedral, which has a baroque interior full of fine art. Parque Central in front of the cathedral is the hub of the city. Interesting buildings include the old university, Antiguo Paraninfo Universitaria, now an art museum; the modern Palacio Legislativo, which is built on stilts; the Casa Presidencial; and the 16th-century Iglesia de San Francisco, the first church built in Tegucigalpa.

The city is divided by the Río Choluteca. On the east side is Tegucigalpa, with the city centre and more affluent districts; across the river is Comayagüela, a poorer, dirtier market area with lots of long-distance bus stations and cheap hotels. It is cleaner, safer and more pleasant to stay in Tegucigalpa, although popular wisdom says it's cheaper in Comayagüela. If you do stay in Comayagüela, it is very dangerous to walk through the market area at night. The main area for budget accommodation in Tegucigalpa is a few blocks east of the Parque Central; in Comayagüela, the best cheap hotels are around the El Rey and Aurora bus stations, between 8a and 9a Calles. Most of the good restaurants are on the Tegucigalpa side of the river, but Comayagüela has plenty of cheap Chinese restaurants. In Tegucigalpa, Boulevard Morazán and Avenida Juan Pablo II, near the Sheraton, are the main nightlife areas.

There are plenty of attractions around Tegucigalpa, including the huge Gothic Basílica de Suyapa, seven km south-east of the city centre. The Virgen de Suyapa, patron saint of Honduras, is believed to have performed hundreds of miracles. Santa Lucia, 13 km east of the city, is a charming old Spanish town with meandering lanes and a beautiful church. Valle de Angeles, 11 km past Santa Lucia, is an old Spanish mining town restored to its 16-century appearance. La Tigra National Park, north-east of the city, is one of the most beautiful places in Honduras. Located at an altitude of 2270 metres, the pristine 7482-hectare park preserves a lush cloud forest that is home to ocelots, pumas, monkeys and quetzal.

Like all urban cities it has both its good and bad points with smog, congested streets, poverty and all the ills of society that are part of urban cities. Never-the-less you will find it a great place to visit and lots to see and do.

Hotels of Tegucigalpa
Hotel Honduras Maya - The number one hotel in Honduras is the Hotel Honduras Maya, bigger and newer hotels have been built, but this one holds an exceptional place in the heart of any visitor. Mayan architecture, beautiful rooms, downtown location and excellent dining facilities make this one of the best. If cost is not a factor, plan to stay there. It has all the services you could need and ask for. Suites and even a Presidential Suite is available. Prices for single rooms start at $125 and doubles are $140. Suites and apartments are also available for $150 to $350 a night. Avenida Republica de Chile, Colonia Palmira. Reservations 32-3191 or fax 32-7629.The Hotel Honduras Maya is the center for tourist activity in Tegucigalpa. Many rental car agencies have offices here as well as tour services.

Hotel Plaza San Martin is the newest major hotel and largest in Honduras. Built in 1992 it is the business person and convention hotel. Almost anything you might want in a hotel is here. Basically furnished, but comfortable. Prices start at $120 double per night. Opposite Plaza San Martin, Colonia Palmira, telephone 37-1223, 37-2930, 37-2928, fax 31 1366.

Hotel Plaza (formerly a Holiday Inn) is medium priced, located downtown off of Calle Peatonal near Central Park. Restaurant and cafeteria facilities are available 24 hours a day. The rooms are attractive and clean. Prices start at $60 double. Reservations 37-2111, 37-6110 or fax 37-2119.

Hotel Prado also located downtown near Central Park (Parque Central), Avenida Cervantes. Medium priced, rooms are attractive, clean and well maintained. It has its own parking area in the back. Complete dinning and cafeteria facilities, the cafeteria is on the first floor on the corner of the block. $70 night for a double. Telephone 37-0121 and 37-0124 or fax 37-2221. Recommended.

Hotel La Ronda, what a marvelous change this hotel has made. Two years ago it was completely refurbished and is now one of the best. No swimming pool, but otherwise a good choice. $60 two persons, $75 for a suite, has everything you would want. Great restaurant. 6 Calle, Avenida Jerez, Bo. La Ronda, telephones 37-8151 through 5, fax 37-1454.

Hotel MacArthur, economy, located a short walking distance from the downtown area. Rooms are clean and well maintained. Cafeteria is open for breakfast and dinner only. If you're trying to save money this should be considered. Has inside parking garage. TV in rooms and lobby. Avenida Lempira No. 45, telephone 38-0414 and 37-5906, fax 38-0294. Do not confuse with the Hotel MacArthur at a different location. This is the economical recommendation, double runs about $30 a night.

Hotel Maya Colonial, private room with bath, hot water for $9 a day. A short walk from Central Park, Calle Cine Palace #1225, telephone 37 2643 or fax 37-6690.

Hotel Alameda a very attractive USA motel type of facility, air conditioning, color TV, hot water, pool, restaurant, parking, medium priced. You would need to take a taxi, or bus to get downtown, on the other hand you may want this hotel in order to get away from some of the downtown noise, $75 a night. Boulevard Suyapa, telephone 32-6920 and 32-6874, fax 32-6932.

Hotel Excelsior a new hotel with rooms, junior suites and suites. Conference rooms, cafe, room service, bar, and parking. Located on Avenida Cervantes, for reservations call (504) 37-2638 or fax (504) 38 0468.

Suites La Aurora is an apartment-hotel, for those who prefer this type of facility, they are excellent. If you want the convenience or your group is large, this may be the place for you. Depending on your need, it can be a savings over first class hotel rates - $60 to 80 a night. Avenida Luis Bogan, #1519, Colonia Tepezac, telephone 32-9891, fax 32-0188.

Hotel Obelisco, executive suites, $25 to $50 night, 13 Calle, 3 and 4 Avenidas, Comayagüela, telephone 37-1425 and 37-0637.

Leslies Place B&B Inn, residencia 452, Colonia Palmira, front of La Plaza San Martin, telephone 39-0641 or 39-0642, fax 31-2957. $45 night.

Hotel Cristal is one block from parque central downtown. Same block as the large Banco Alantida bldg. They have phones in the rooms, TV but not cable, there was one channel with movies in English, restaurant and laundry services. The rooms are not fancy but are reasonably clean. A good place to sleep and take a shower. The rate is $25 night. The staff are nice and furnish you with ice & bottled water in your room. Their telephone number is 38-4845.

Restaurants of Tegucigalpa
Quite often a really good restaurant is as close as your hotel. The Hotel Honduras Maya has a coffee shop Cafeteria Año 2000, Alondra Restaurante, and Restaurant El Candelero. Excellent service and quality. Don't forget to try their "café con leche" it's a treat.

Hotel Prado, La Ronda, Plaza hotel and San Martin have excellent restaurants. These are good for breakfasts and lunches. But when it comes to dinners be adventurous and try some of the best, here's some suggestions -

Restaurante Roma, pizza and pasta, authentic Italian food, located on Avenida Republicana Dominicana, near the Hotel Honduras Maya, 3ra Calle, Colonia Palmira, economical, telephone. 32-1101.

China Town Palace, good Chinese menu, on Boulevard Morazán, economical, tel. 32-8255.

Restaurante Provence, French/Spanish menu, ranges from swiftly served lunches to slow to be enjoyed dinners, Avenida Republica de Chile, left into Barrio San Rafael past the Hotel Honduras Maya. Most dishes $4 to $5.

Cafe Trocadero, international cuisine, open daily 11 AM until 11 PM, Boulevard Morazán next to Frutas del Mar, across from REASA.

Restaurante Hacienda El Trapiche, farmhouse on Boulevard Suyapa, tipica family restaurant, specialty "tapado" stew Olancho style.

Restaurante La Cumbre, excellent international menu, Km. 7.5 on road to El Hatillo, reservations 22-3737. Recommended.

London Grill Restaurant & Pub, located in residencial Pinare, No. 4143, El Hatillo, Km. 6-1/2, telephone 21-8814 or 21-8937. Good view of city, pleasant atmosphere and natural surroundings. A bit expensive, accepts most credit cards including AX.

Restaurante El Arriero y Parrillada, Uruguayan grilled food, steak and seafood. Located near the Hotel Honduras Maya, Avenida Republica de Chile #516, near the Edificio Palmira. Telephone 32-5431.

Restaurante Don Quijote Spanish style cuisine with a delightful paella. Great atmosphere of rural Honduran life. Friendly and easygoing, located off Avenida La Paz, four blocks below the USA Embassy, take a left turn after crossing the bridge. Meals run about $5. Telephone 37-0070.

La Hacienda Restaurante located on Boulevard Morazán it is a very popular family-style steak house. Friendly staff and quality dining has made this a favorite not only for steak dishes but seafood as well. The restaurant is open seven days a week. Reservations are not necessary unless you have a large group. The telephone is 31-3636.

For lunches and something quick, one of my favorites is the Brik-Brak Restaurant, a little short order restaurant on Calle Peatonal, downtown, just a short distance from Parque Central.

There are so many good restaurants in Tegucigalpa it is difficult to choose just a few.

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