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Corozal is the Northern most district of Belize bordering the Mexican City of Chetumal. It is also a coastal district which is inhabited mostly by Mestizos and Yucatec Mayas that settled in the area after fleeing from the Caste War of Mexico. The most important city of this district is Corozal Town which is perched right in front of the Caribbean sea. This is where you can find the commercial banks, supermarkets, big hotels as well as restaurants and bars. The town is approximately 96 miles up the Northern Highway from Belize City. Besides the Caribbean Sea, the ancient Maya ruins are also major attractions of the districts, such as Santa Rita. Numerous people are also attracted by the various lagoons that can be found in the district. Shipstern Nature Reserve is also frequently visited by tourists who seek to experience the life in the hard wood forest, the savannah that is home of deers, tapir and other wildlife and also to enjoy the marvelous colours of the 25 species of butterflies raised in the reserve. The economy of the district is based on the production of sugar cane, papaya and fishing.


Belmopan is the nations' capital. It was established in 1970 as an administrative center after Hurricane Hattie destroyed Belize City in 1961. The dwellers are mainly government officials and office workers. It is the tidiest city and is also claimed as the most peaceful and quiet one.

Orange Walk

Orange Walk is the second northern district located between Belize and Corozal. It is populated by a mixture of Mestizos, Yucatec Mayas and Creoles. Many Chinese and Hindus can also be seen as shop and restaurant owners. The major city of the district is Orange Walk town which is located 54 miles up the Northern Highway from Belize City. Its major activity is still the production of sugar cane. In fact, even before you enter Orange Walk Town you can see the lines of sugar cane trucks waiting for their turn to deliver their cane loads. As you travel up the Yo Creek Road you will be able to see the extensive sugar cane plantations. If it is harvesting season, you would even be able to see the locals chopping and setting the cane very carefully in bunches for them to load the trucks manually with the aid of a ladder . Other important activities are cattle rearing and the production of some vegetables. Milpa farming is still practiced extensively for home consumption, especially in the rural communities. Important attractions in Orange Walk include the Maya ruins, Lamanai, El Posito, Cuello, Nohmul, Chan Chich and the Rio Bravo Conservation Area.

Ambergris Caye

This long, slender island stretches north to south, just inside the famous barrier reef, for almost 25 miles. Close proximity to the reef makes this destination a favorite of divers and fishermen alike. One sign in town says it all, "No shoes. No shirt. No problem."

Turneffe Reef

The Turneffe Islands' atoll is where the Turneffe Lodge and Turneffe Flats Resort are located. Within the cluster of islands, the interior lagoon is a maze of mangrove lined channels and tiny uninhabited cayes. Offshore, at both the north and south end of the atoll, beautiful reefs and dramatic walls offer incredible diving with great visibility.

Lighthouse Reef

Lighthouse Reef is a part of the atoll's oval reef structure and home to a nesting colony of endangered, rare red footed boobies. Lighthouse Reef provides scenic underwater topology and offers excellent, varied diving. A fascinating phenomenon at Light-house Reef is the Blue Hole. A mammoth size cave, once dry as evidenced by stalactites, has been submerged since the Ice Age. A portion of its ceiling collapsed at some time, forming a blue hole more than 400 feet deep and nearly 1,000 feet in diameter.

San Ignacio

The Cayo District is in the middle western part of the country. it is inhabited by a mixture of Mestizos and Central American immigrants who came to Belize escaping from the civil wars in their country. The twin towns of Santa Elena and San Ignacio form the major city of Cayo. It is probably the most scenic town in the entire country and this is mainly because it is located in a hilly area. Cayo is characterized by being a hilly area and includes part of the Maya Mountains. The Mountain Pine Ridge is a major forest reserve in the country. Recently excavated is the Caracol Mayan Temple which is claimed to have conquered the Mayas of Tikal, the major Mayan city in Guatemala. The major activities of Cayo are the production of citrus, grains and cattle rearing.

Glover's Reef

Glover's Reef has two unique resorts, the Glover's Atoll Resort and the Manta Resort. Just minutes from the resort docks are more than 600 coral pinnacles and patch coral heads reaching toward the surface. Sheer walls beginning at 30 feet plummet vertically more than 2,000 feet.


Slithering down the coast like a snake - long and slender Placencia parallels the southern coast of Belize for nearly 15 miles. On the western side, a narrow finger shaped lagoon separates the peninsula from the mainland. Blanketing the eastern shore, a magnificent stretch of sun drenched beach runs its entire length.


Stann Creek is a coastal district which is inhabited mostly by Garifunas, descendants of Caribs from the island of St. Vincent. Its most important city, Dangriga, is known as the city of culture since the people are rich with its Garifuna music and dances characterized by the beating of drums. The Stann Creek Valley gives the district its distinct characteristic and natural beauty formed by the chain of surrounding mountains. Driving on the Hummingbird Highway from Belmopan to Stann Creek you can view the Sleeping Giant formed by the hills just as you enter the Valley. The Cockscomb Jaguar Reserve on the eastern side of the Maya Mountain is a major attraction for eco-tourists. The major economic activities in this area are fishing, the production of bananas and citrus. Indeed, as you drive on the highway along the valley you will be able to observe the citrus plantations and the two processing plants.

Punta Gorda

Toledo is the southern most district of the country. Many people would say that Toledo is the forgotten district because of its road and its limited communication system. This however, has been like a blessing to Toledo since it still remains with most of its forest untouched. Its natural resources combined with the rich culture of the Maya makes Toledo District the perfect place for the development of eco-tourism. Punta Gorda Town is the city and the commercial center of Toledo. It is a fairly small town on the shore of the Caribbean. The rural communities of Toledo are mostly located distantly from Punta Gorda Town. This is mainly because these villages are inhabited by Mayas who practice the traditional Milpa farming system. Other communities consist of East Indians or Garifunas. Other attractions of the district are the Maya ruins such as Lubaantum, Nim Li Punit and Uxbentum among others. The Colombia Forest Reserve and other natural parks are also places worth visiting.

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